Inventory Uses

Friday, January 13, 2012
Who uses the Item inventory?
It is used by You and your Insurance companies. First, this inventory list will help you confirm that you have adequate coverage for all of your belongings.

If something happens to your personal property, like theft or damage from a natural disaster or water leak at home, would you remember the details of your possessions? If needed, can you recall your TV's screen size and brand name? How about your camera or video camera? Do you remember when and where you bought these items and how much they cost?

Without an inventory, important details are sure to escape you. Add the trauma and stress a major loss can cause, and inevitably, you'll forget items. Save yourself time, money and frustration by planning ahead and completing a personal property inventory.

How can you use Item Inventory?
If a disaster strikes, identify the list of items that were impacted by comparing with the inventory list that you have prepared earlier. Promptly file a claim with your insurance company - and provide impacted item list to insurance company with the complete information of each item.
This will help in settling your claim accurately, quickly and easily. Most of the delay in processing claims in identifying items and their valuation.

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