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Friday, June 1, 2012

Now-a-days, it is easy to find reviews on any item or service online. Most of the people are getting used to checking the reviews before selecting the next item or next contractor for repair service.

Garage Door Broken
My garage door broke recently and I started checking out reviews online for good service providers/contractors. It is amazing that I found 250 to 300 reviews for garage door repair services in just one metro area alone and 95% of them have 5-star perfect ratings. I was surprised and started analyzing online reviews. Following are some of the related articles found: Because of these fake reviews and opinion spamming, all the reviews are losing their significance unfortunately.

About my garage door repair, I called few companies and couple of them came home and gave me an estimate. Finally, I got it fixed by the third contractor that came to my home - for half of the initial estimated/quoted price. Basically, 95% of 5-star perfect ratings is not a reality - as I have suspected.

Following are the guidelines for considering online reviews:

  • Reviews should be from the people that you know.
  • Item reviews should have details - actual acquisition date and/or actual value.
  • Service reviews should have details about repair information - like date of service and/or actual service cost.

Service Shoot has developed a solution following these guidelines - Friends Reviews. All the reviews are from your friends and they are based on confirmed Repair service orders or confirmed Items. Check out your friends reviews at Service Shoot.

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