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General - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Service Shoot?
Service Shoot makes Service Managment Easy. Users can directly work with Providers for servicing their Items. All the services will be archived and available for User for later reference.

What is an Item?
Item is a thing that is purchased or acquired and then serviced later-on - as needed. For example: Home or Kitchen in Home or Microwave in Kitchen OR Car or Brake System of Auto or Brake Pads of Car.

Who is a User?
User owns the Item and User will require services to be performed on those Items - as needed.

Who is a Provider?
Provider performs services on the Item within registered Service Regions. Provider can perform all types of services on a particular Item like - A Basement Professional may perform all types of services in Basement. Provider can also perform a type of service on all types of Items like - A Plumber can peform plumbing repairs in Kitchen or Bath Room or Front Yard.

What is a Shoot?
Shoot is a picture or video or document - of an Item or Service. Service Shoot is built around Shoots - as a Shoot can provide much better and complete information of the associated Item or Service. It is best to capture a Shoot while taking Item inventory - and sometimes this is required for insurance needs.

What is an Order?
An Order is a record indicating a service to be done on an Item. This is also referred as Service Order or Service Project. An Order contain one or more tasks to be done - for the indicated service on the associated Item, and these tasks are called Service Jobs.

What is a Review?
Review will indicate - how likely you would recommend an Item -or- a Service to a Friend or a Colleague. Reviews can be made Private (visible to Provider only) -or- visible to all of your Friends -or- Public (visible to all of ServiceShoot).

Who is a Friend?
Friend is a person that you would like to share your reviews with. Friend can be a Friend/Fan on Facebook -or- Follower on Twitter -or- Connection on LinkedIn -or- Member of Google+ circles. You can also invite Friends locally in ServiceShoot - independent of Social Networks.

How is Service Shoot different from other Service Websites?
Service Shoot provides a simple and easy way to manage all Items and associated Services - along with pictures or video or documents for each step. Service Shoot creates a way for Provider and User to work closely - for all services performed from beginning to end. Service Shoot helps you to share your reviews with your Facebook Freinds -or- Twitter Followers -or- LinkedIn Connections -or- Google Friends -or- local Friends on Service Shoot. Service Shoot establishes an easy way to keep track of all Items and Services - both active and archived. It simplifies and exemplifies service management so much that Users and Providers will never go back to the old way at all.

What Item information can be added?
How are Asset Items, Category Items and Individual Items - different?
What is an Item Shoot?
What is Item Inventory?
How does Service Shoot help in managing Items?
Can an Item be deleted?

Service Order
What is a Service Order?
What is a Service Job?
Who can create Service Order?
What are the different states of an Order?
Can Provider update Jobs and Order during servicing?
How are User and Provider alerted about these Service Order and Service Job changes?
What type of Service Shoots can be added to Service Order and Service Job?
How are User and Provider alerted about these Service Order and Service Job changes?
Do all Service Orders required to go to a Provider?
Can Service Orders and Service Jobs be Deleted?

Service Quotes
How can an Order be quoted?
Which Provider can receive and respond to quote requests?
How soon Provider should respond to the quote request?
What happens when Provider responds to a quote request?
How soon User should review and process quote responses?
What happens when user processes a quote response?
What if all quote requests are expired or refused?
What if user declines all quote responses?
Can an Expired quote request or response be renewed?

What is a Review?
What can be reviewed?
What is included in a Review?
What is the standard review duration time?
What are the different states of a Review?
When should a Provider be CONFIRMING a Service Review?
Who can see your reviews?
Can a POSTED review be updated?
As a Provider, if you do not agree with POSTED Comments, how to get it updated?

Who can be a Friend?
What is special about Friend in ServiceShoot?
What will be visible to my Friend?
How to import Friends from my Social Networks?
Why all of my associations are not showing up in my Friend List at Service Shoot?
If same person is associated to me in mutliple Social Networks, will that person be added as multiple Friends?
Can I add a Friend locally within Service Shoot?
Can a Friend be removed from my Network?
Why a removed Friend showing up again in my Friend List?

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