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Reviews - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Review?
Review primarily includes Net-Promoter Score given by the User/Owner - which means "How much likely will the user refer to Friends and Colleagues". As explained at Wikipedia, Net Promoter Score can be used to gauge the loyalty of Provider-User relationships. Review also includes supporting comments from User and feedback from Provider.

What can be reviewed?
Any Item or Service Order/Project can be reviewed. After adding the newly acquired Item, a review can be created for it. After a Service Order/Project is closed, a review is created automatically - if a Provider has worked on the Order. For internal Service Order/Projects, Reviews can be added by clicking on "Add a Review" button on "My Reviews" page.

What is included in a Review?
Review contains - Net-Promoter Score, User's comments and Provider's feedback. Only Net-Promoter Score and User's comments are required. Within the standard review time, the contents should be finaled and get POSTED.

What is the standard review duration time?
Standard review duration is set to 1 week. If a review needs to be open for longer than this time for any valid reason, please contact Support at ServiceShoot with the detailed explanation and more information of this review.

What are the different states of a Review?
Following are different Review Statuses:
  • CREATED -> when Review is initially created
  • SUBMITTED -> after Net-Promoter Score and Comment entered by User
  • CONFIRMED -> after Review is reviewed and confirmed - by User.
    For Service Reviews: Provider should also review and confirm the review - with or without adding feedback comments.
  • POSTED -> after a Review is posted by the User. Only CONFIRMED Reviews can be posted.
    For Item Reviews: CONFIRMED Review is automatically updated to POSTED. For Service Reviews: User can POST a review - only after Provider confirms the review.

When should a Provider be CONFIRMING a Service Review?
After User enters/updates a review, it will be moved to SUBMITTED state. And Providers will need to review the comments and CONFIRM the review - within standard review time. All changes made to Review should be CONFIRMED by Provider. If Review changes are not CONFIRMED within the specified time, changes will be automatically CONFIRMED by the sytesm - for the Provider.

Who can see your reviews?
Visibility of a Review is based on the Privacy flag. If Privacy is set to PRIVATE, then the review will stay private. If Privacy is set to FRIENDS (default value), then your review will be visible to your Friends. If Privacy is set to PUBLIC, then all Service Shoot members can see your review.

Can a POSTED review be updated?
Original score and comments of a POSTED review cannot be changed. But, User can add a new Review and associate it to the original review. Both reviews will be available - new review will be active and original review will be archived.
If POSTED review needs to be updated, User can select EDIT button on Review page - to edit the POSTED review. This will move the Review to SUBMITTED status again and the review process is same as the original review process. After review is completed, latest comments will be posted along with the original comments.

As a Provider, if you do not agree with POSTED Comments, how to get it updated?
Providers should contact Users - to EDIT and update the POSTED review. As a policy, ServiceShoot does not add/delete/change any POSTED comments.

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