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Asset Inventory for Users

Service Shoot provides very simple and straight-forward way to inventory and manage assets and their internal items - for FREE!.

Asset Inventory
  • Create and manage inventory of all assets - like Home or Auto.

  • Add all types of internal items of an asset like category items (Kitchen in Home OR Brakes of a Car) or individual item (Microwave in Home or Brake pads of a Car).

  • Add item shoots such as pictures, images, videos, and documents.

  • Add serial/model#, price, and other details including warranty info.

  • Provide review on your items and share it with your friends from within ServiceShoot.

  • Create and manage service orders and quote reqeusts for these items - as needed.

It also helps in confirming insurance coverage and in providing item list when needed for insurance claims ... login  faq

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Service Orders

Create and manage orders for servicing items ... login  more info

Service Quotes

Quoting process helps find the best deal for completing the reqeusted services ... login  more info

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