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Service Quotes for Users

Service Shoot provides simple and easy way to request and process quotes from any provider for FREE.

Service Quotes
  • Search for your friends reviews/recommendations for similar repairs/services and select best providers.

  • Search for all the providers available at Service Shoot.

  • If needed, search for other providers online to send the quote requests.

  • Create quote request for all selected providers.

  • Add estimate range and due date for responding to the quote request.

  • Send the quote request with personalized notes - as needed.

  • If quotes are not received soon, please send reminders or extend the due date.

  • Review all the quote responses and select the best quote and best provider.

Quoting process helps User find the best deal for the service project/order ... login  faq

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Service Orders

Create and manage orders for servicing Items ... login  more info

Asset Inventory

Inventory will be very useful in managing all assets and their internal items ... login  more info

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